Human Resource Services

Aligning Strategy, People & Performance

Facilitate the management of the dynamic nature of an organisation to enable the optimal alignment of structure with strategy. Clarifying the strategy in such a way that it makes sense to those who have to execute it through value chain & work flow analysis, role clarification, performance management and reward structuring.

•   Enable the organisational leadership to align all required outcomes with the overall strategic intent.

•   Enable the organisation to guide, contract, measure and manage these required outcomes against its desired business goals and associated targets in its various strategic areas.

•   Optimisation of performance is achieved by alignment of individual performance outputs with corporate strategic goals.


•   Company-wide understanding of collective and individual performance expectations

•   Effective alignment of strategy, people and performance

•   Continuous measurement of outputs/actuals against agreed parameters

•   Clear demonstration of objectivity, transparency, equitability and fairness to all functional units and individuals


Industrial Relations Consolation & Labour Legislative Compliance

Industrial relations consulting including policy formulation, negotiations, disciplinary hearings and conflict resolution in adherence to statutory requirements.

The issues of Black Economic Empowerment and Employment Equity have evolved into specific legislative and statutory requirements that organisations are compelled to comply with.

Proper management of legislative requirements enables the organisation to turn this exercise into a competitive advantage.


•   Integrating legal requirements into mainstream business management

•   Informed management decisions are being taken with due consideration to cost and risk exposure

•   Providing skills development and employment equity planning capability

•   Reporting that is fully compliant with statutory and management requirements