Comprehensive Payroll Bureau Service

•   Guaranteed confidentiality of payroll information;
•   Ensuring payroll compliance with the latest Income Tax Legislation and SARS requirements;
•   Scope of service to be determined by client;
•   Tailored solutions for companies of all sizes and complexity;

- Timeous and accurate recording of all transactions pertaining to client;

- Leave administration and reporting;

- Effective and accurate management of third party payments;

- EFT of net pay, statutory and third party payments;

- Reconciliation and Submission of Statutory returns;

- Assist with application for tax directives pertaining to the payroll;

- Encrypted electronic payroll reports, pay advices and tax certificates provided;

- Assurance of meeting Statutory deadlines and elimination of unnecessary penalties;

- Strong ability to resolve and communicate employee queries regarding remuneration

- Reconciliation of medical aid and retirement fund schemes;

- Processing and reconciliation of Bargaining Council requirements;

- Liaison with client’s payroll auditors;

- Interface with client’s Human Resource division on employee benefits;

- Assistance with employment offers in terms of benefits and net pay;

- Assistance with technical tax compliance and advice;

- Working knowledge of tax liabilities of expatriate employees and foreign nationals;

- In depth knowledge and experience with Independent Contractors and commission-earners, Personal Service Providers, temporary employees, foreign employment income and Director’s remuneration.

- Currently also providing Payroll services to Botswana companies with the possibility to expand to other African countries;

- Maintain all payroll records and reports for a minimum of five years;


Structure of Remuneration Packages

• Proposal and advice on structuring of remuneration packages;
• Effecting required amendments to Retirement Fund Rules, employment contracts and benefit policies;
• Consultation with employees to determine individual qualification of benefits;
• Preparation and finalization of proposed remuneration structure;
• Assistance with implementation and management of revised remuneration structure on payroll system.
• Comparison of different remuneration packages to assist Management in determining the best policy in terms of employment benefits and retirement funds offered to employees.


Remuneration and PAYE Review

• Perusal of Remuneration and Employee Benefits Policy;
• Perusal of Employment Contracts;
• Perusal of Retirement Fund Rules;
• Review of payroll setup to ensure compliance with the above;
• Review of Fringe Benefits and the correct application thereof on the payroll;
• Review of payroll in terms of compliance with current SARS regulations and electronic IRP5 & IT3(a) requirements;
• Review of company practices with regards to petty cash payments, company credit cards and fuel cards and the capturing thereof on the payroll system;
• Review of business expense claims and refund procedures;
• Review of subsistence claims and reporting thereof on the payroll system.

Client will receive a complete written review comprising of:

1. Overview of existing employer practices;
2. Compliance thereof with SARS requirements and current legislation;
3. Identification of risk areas;
4. Recommendations to correct policies and/or procedures.


Assistance with SARS correspondence

•   Assistance with completion of  Payroll Questionnaire;
•   Assistance with PAYE audit and/or inspections.
•   Assistance with outstanding Employer Reconciliation Declarations (EMP501)